Sheyna Music

My Name is Sheyna!

I've been writing music my whole life. Writing songs and performing is my absolute passion.
Sheyna will record a custom song just for you

I will record a custom Song for any special event!

This is an amazing Gift for a Birthday, Suprise Party, Anniversary, Wedding and other special events.

This is my song "Flying" featuring SHERB!

Hope you enjoy my music. I can record a Custom song for your Special event.

This is my song "Our World"!

This song is very catchy. Listen to the words, it will make you "FEEL GOOD"!
Sheyna will write a song for a special Birthday

Give a special Song gift to your loved one for their Birthday!

You simply tell us their Name and what type of things they like and Sheyna will record a Special Custom Song just for you and your loved ones.
Sheyna will write a song for a special Anniversary

Perfect special Song gift for your Anniversary!

Have Sheyna personally record a beutiful romantic song for your very special Anniversary.
Sheyna will write a song for your Best Friend

Sheyna will write a perfect Song for your Best Friend!

Can you think of a better or more unique gift for a friend then to have Shena record an awesome song for both of you?
Sheyna will write a song for any Special Occasion

Celebrate and Special Occasion with a perfect Song gift!

Give a gift of Song to anyone and everyone. Celebrate your life with your loved ones!
  • 1 Song
  • Specify 1 Name
  • Specify 2 keywords
  • 5 days to Complete
  • 1 Song
  • Specify up to 5 Names
  • Specify 10 keywords
  • 3 days to Complete
Special Requests
You want something totally unique. Let Sheyna know and we may be able to accomodate.